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A Found Poem -- Flow Game

What has the game learned throughout the years?

The game needs a human being to communicate,

blending attention with intention

billowing toward a future that is always beckoning

a story of the future as if it were happening now.

It’s a relief to relinquish what I’ve held well for so many years.

Death by Plenary, Toke called it.

He and Monica said we have to simplify this

looking out over the river by their home

Stream of the gods?

Then on a foggy Saturday, an oasis of trees

immersed in mystery, wonder, joy

to host and harvest conversations that matter.

The Flow Game is an extension of who you are…

The Game is hosting me in

a flow that I’ve trusted from the start.

Fractals between every person's questions,

resonance learning from listening in

the pattern that can hold the insights.

We were so glad to have found the Wheel…

It felt like an oasis for the whole day.

Why don’t people trust one another?

howls Grasshopper mouse, standing on its hind legs.

Is this a relationship or an entanglement?

Do I dive into this community, or do I step back for now,

falling short many times?

Are these questions even relevant for people in survival mode?

I’m stuck in my own nonsense

a bit wobbly and insecure

because of the conversations that never took place.

What is the message in this disruption in my flow?

I’m trying to find the rest of my body, knowing

flow needs to be embodied to breathe.

When you are under water: Rule 1,

Never stop breathing. Rule 2,

Be relaxed and breathe slowly. Be patient.

Humanity is the brain of the earth – each of us, a brain cell.

How do we put ourselves in service by

speaking when needed,

listening when needed and

holding space for others?

I learn best when I’m moving

finding the middle ground where I don’t feel so far from Heaven

I have walked the path of anger, put down my sword

practicing now the call of the heart to see what is mine to do.

This inspires me to apprentice, walking the path of practice

between the steward and the sensei,

inviting the profound without inhibiting the pragmatic.

Beam me up Scottie? Monica laughed.

Is that a possibility or a priority?

Time, space and stillness allow for the magic in the middle,

allow open spaces large enough for the Hope that wants to live too.

Harvest of presence

when there is curiosity present

trying on new ways of being while practicing

deep attention and self-forgetting in public.

What is just about to occur far inside us?

Mirrored, what I see is truly magic

Maybe this is enough, Toke concluded.

November 2022 Flow Game Training Weekend

(words/phrases from Rowan, MaryAlice, Kathie, Søs, Nacee, Lisa,

Valentina, Ana, Dorothy, Adrijana, Cora, Cassandra)

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