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Cosmological Winks

In 2014, I was led to a natal-chart reading, an intriguing glimpse of the sky from the day I was born. It had strange phrases like Sun and Moon in Pisces. Tenth house. More I no longer recall…

Then two weeks ago, I returned to this curiosity in the passions of a good friend, but also in my own pathway into stories of belonging, not separation. I summarized this new storyline in a circle-retreat: I come from belonging in the cosmos…and so do you. (With smiles to “God’s Favorite” who reminds each that they are too).

How is my/our life changed if we presume coming from belonging, knowing belonging when Awareness remembers, always present? That we have inherited disempowering stories of separation, sin, projection…but that each of us belongs to one another, to this planet, intimately connected to Spirit and one another, conscious of it or not?

It actually makes more sense in me today: I do come from a collective (creative mammals, we are). We can choose to live from stories of connection, belonging, though it takes practice-in-community living those stories.

So I bow to the cosmos today, curious about an ancient tradition’s glimpse of the sky–a natal chart–seen from Tegucigalpa Honduras, on the day of my birth. Recently finding archival evidence of the time of my birth (confirming there was no Daylight Savings shift in that understanding of time) has given me a most concrete glimpse of the sky, winking at me as my mother labored hard to push me into the world. (Thanks, Mom).

I can already anticipate the cognitive dissonance and resistance in those I love… Horoscopes? Divination? Shysters makin’ a hustle of a living peddling unproveable estimations of my life, my actions? To be clear, I’m not going there, at least in that way.


Re-enchantment of the world is a huge hunger in so many of us, skeptical and distrustful of anything we cannot grasp, prove...mired in old fears. What does it take for highly dissociated, disembodied, cognitively-oriented human beings to reconsider they are mammals-in-the-cosmos too? That we come from this planet and our cells are already decomposing back to its ecologies? That the sky looked a certain way when we were born, and astrological traditions can give us a glimpse of what that looked like, our first moment of connection?

Could a natal chart offer us such a wink?

That's where I am...

...fascinated that altering the time by 50 minutes or so shifted my chart a bit–Sun and Moon in Pisces, no longer in the 10th house of “career, public and professional roles,” but in the 11th house “of friends, community, patrons and good fortune.” Taurus Rising (Earth, groundedness)…ruled by Venus (Love) in Aries (War) in the 12th house of “hidden life, behind the scenes work, institutions, secrets and sorrows.” I know little of what all this means, but I am curious enough to learn more.

I love winks!

(490 words)

Editorial note, over the 500 words: I laughed aloud when Chani Nicholas’s book asked, “...are you drawn to working with women, femmes, and gender-nonconforming folks who suffer as a result of systemic oppression? Are you someone who excavates the forgotten or hidden histories of women and gender-nonconforming folks? Do you feel that you suffered personally because of patriarchal and gender-based violence?” p. 251

Ya think?!? :)

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