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Day 24: Green Wisdom

A surprise gift arrived, sender unknown. I wasn't even sure what it was, to be honest. A toy for Nala? She was definitely interested. The mystery solved itself two weeks later in a chat with my cousin, Kendy. She had finally found me a succulent that would live a long time in my house. Our garden selves had laughed about a poem I wrote years back...a bit of envy at how grounded and beautiful succulents are, just as they are.

An Ode to a Succulent

Luscious, green, ordered

You sit in your little pot

full of yourself, needing so little.

How do you do that?

How do you live with

one drop of water

each and every month?

I didn’t believe you

when I first knew you

or should I say,

when I knew the one

who lived before you.

I watered her weekly,

disbelieving any luscious plant

could live on air alone,

an occasional drop of water,

indirect sun and warmth.

That disbelief did not last long

Nor did she, sad to say.

Even as her leaves withered,

I could not believe it.

Even as she did not need my water

I could not see it.

But now I watch in my disbelief

coming to believe it is possible

quite possible

to be green, ordered, and luscious

with a drop of water,

from time to time.

And I watch in my belief

that plants speaking their own need

when they have a need

even if you think plants don’t speak

is wise. In this way, little succulent

you have spoken to me.

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