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Day 25: Determinedly Helpless

Look closely, to the left.

Laser focus, now, for Nala.

Curiosity, ease, hunger

for the little red squirrel

on the porch.

Nala cannot help herself.

Tense, poised, even offended

as this small creature

scavenges seeds for

babies or siblings.

But Nala cannot look away.

She paces, whines, whimpers,

Gets a drink of water to sustain her vigil

weary, yawning, then fuming some more.

She returns to her post.

To be honest, she does not want to help

as much as track and chase.

Penned in by painters, she frets and watches

wearing herself out with all

she cannot prevent or control.

Sound like anyone YOU know?

Is it just me?

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