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Day 27: Amaryllis

Today is a good day to remember birthing days, to celebrate...women's wisdom...grace-filled companionship and abundance for the world... [A poem I wrote long ago, but not so long ago...]

She bursts forth in unexpected bloom

Four bodacious buds become

Pomegranate red stars

Woman in all four directions

One final bud in the center

Reaches to the sky, waiting her fullness

on the way to reach Mother Moon

Her name is Amaryllis.

I was not sure she would take root in my home

Only the hardiest of flowers have lived before

Most had to be cut, freshly, gently, but cut

if they were to enter in.

But not her.

She came as a bulb, with her own

box, pot and dirt. Like a mother,

she brought herself to me

unformed and forming, a spirit-guide

full of assurance, willing to take

a chance on me,

in my cool-tempered home.

And so I learned, am learning still.

Amidst all my fear and doubt,

the good-natured teasing of my husband:

I’m good for it, for her.

We are good for all of us.

Together, we burst forth in unexpected bloom

four bodacious buds become pomegranate stars

Woman, in all four directions

reaching toward Mother Moon,

the soft light known only at night.

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