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Day 29: Hestia & Me

What IS it about an orderly home that allows the mind, heart and body to relax? I feel more myself right now than I have in a long while...orderly home, porch, patio-garden, and domestic bliss of a life with my beloved.

Today has been a day of nesting, returning our home to its more settled-ness after an early November dishwasher leak, which then set off a whole slew of house-improvement choices. Our old dishwasher sprung a leak, led to the renovation of our bedroom closet, which then led to a house-renovation choice: new counter-tops or new kitchen flooring? The installation of the old dishwasher was done such that there was no way to actually remove it, after it ceased working properly. We voted new kitchen floors, as I'd always hated the white-tile I could never keep clean. Nearly six months later, the kitchen tile (and foyer tile) is gone, new vinyl-plank flooring is installed, and...while we were at it...the entire main-room living space has been re-painted. First time in 30 years, probably.

The spring has been however it has been...but today, I'm realizing just how very much I've missed my home. The days of not knowing quite how to spend an evening have been long gone. Last weekend was the reorganization of the loft, including a purge of books and transition of some to my campus office. This weekend was a reorganization of the kitchen, now that we actually have storage space.

Our patio gardening has begun for the season--three planters with herbs of all kinds, then a couple planters with flowering annuals, some that I hope will draw hummingbirds and butterflies into our midst. We'll hang the pictures tomorrow, but for now...I feel a rest I've note felt for months.

Hestia is the name of the archetypal feminine who keeps the hearth, who orders the home. She is smiling once again, deeply within me. Perhaps I can now focus on my next semester's run of the course, starting Mary 23rd. Or maybe Hestia and I will simply sit on the flowered porch for a couple days, deep belly gratitude, in awe of the beauty that abounds with intention and skill.

And enjoying our laughter, upon hearing the disbelief of my mother who would never guess this orderliness from years of utter chaos in my room. Who could have known order would take such hold...?

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