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Day 56: A Guest Post -- from May 2020

The world has changed.

I am confused and surprised,

so I thought I would write.

My name is Nala.

The humans in my kennel sometimes call me “Principessa," smiling at me.

You can call me Principessa if you want to.

I had a tough young life.

I never got to know my mother.

My humans seemed nice at first, but then something went terribly wrong.

They left me. They forgot about me.

I lived by myself on the streets forever.

I was cold all the time.

I was alone and afraid.

A scary person then caught me with a rope and I wound up in a cage, with cold floors.

I cried a lot.

But then new humans came to get me.

I was in a large room

with a family of little humans petting me.

I recognized Lisa immediately when she came in.

She sat down on the floor

so I bounded over to her.

I leaned into her. Finally, my heart said to hers.

You came. I am home.

I know I wasn’t the easiest Principessa to live with for a while.

When my humans would leave me,

I tried to let them know how desperately I hated that.

I demolished the iron-barred kennel they attempted to put me in.

They clearly did not understand, because they bought another one.

So I demolished that one too.

They finally began to understand...

There were other adventures,

like pooping on Dad’s desk at work,

But something more important seems to be happening now.

They bring in bags and bags of paper products, food.

Our storage unit holds all the food I can imagine I’ll ever need.

Most importantly, they never leave anymore. Ever!

It sure took a while, but I guess they ARE trainable.

I have finally taught them to STAY!!!

I always have someone to snuggle with.

They will pet me when I come to say I’m lonely.

I get walks more often.

Last night, I got to chase squirrels in the preserve across the street.

I never seem to catch one, but

my human being is a lot of weight.

It’s not my fault.

I still get food when I need it…well, at least twice a day.

I could use more food.

I notice I’m getting more lunch meat than I used to.

We sit as a family in the morning now,

all of us getting silent,

except when the birds sing and I can’t sit still.

We sit as a family in the evening.

I get to nap between my humans while they watch a tv show.

They never choose one with dogs in it, so I get bored easily.

I don’t know a lot, but the world has changed.

These are the BEST days of my life.

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