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Day 72: Joy Part Deux--a recipe

Long ago, extended time ‘alone’ would unnerve me. To navigate it, I would create ‘thought-projects’ for myself. Or I would shift my waking/sleeping rhythms so I was up late when it was naturally more quiet, everyone asleep. I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything that way.

I understand more fully the origin of those fearful energies, and I’ve been blessed with companions to hold space while I grew through them, out of them? Stronger because of them…leading me to the euphoria of a truly blessed solitude, almost immediately upon the start of these hermitage days.

I'm curious what these days might bring, particularly as so many pieces of my life are shifting to closure—WWfaC, COH this week, Fire&Water two weeks ago, farewell to Dutchess, and finally, end of this summer semester. Each joyful day has its own recipe, but today’s?

Awaken to a cup of buckeye-blend coffee. It’s Sunday and Brian doesn’t take time for coffee in bed. (He strongly dislikes buckeye-blend anything)

Snuggle with Nala while awaiting the Whoop Recovery score, sipping coffee, enjoying the feel of a good night’s sleep

Shower and get into workout clothes. (Counter-intuitive, I know, but no time for shower between Open Gym and 10:30 worship).

Drop Brian off at church with a take-out breakfast in hand, get to Open Gym with plenty of time to spare

Explore YouTube videos on how to program an EMOM clock. Give up and just use one already on YouTube. Rowing, box-step-ups, empty barbel push presses—30 minute emom.

10 min EMOM assisted strict pull-ups – two/minute, thin green band (improving!)

Pickup nasal spray for Brian’s flight, congestion; get to worship basically on time (for me)

Get Brian to airport with plenty of time to spare for his afternoon flight to NYC

Drop off the Amazon return at Whole Foods; enjoy a shopping spree

Enjoy leftover Insalata Garga from last night, put groceries away.

Take Nala out, change into comfy clothes, and begin the hermitage preparations…

Purge the fridge, leaving it clean with all things good to eat (i.e. no moldy brussels sprouts)

Make homemade mayonnaise, one batch plain and another batch cilantro-lime

Dice bell peppers for use in sautees or sauces this week

Use the food-processor for both cilantro and freshly diced kale

Slice celery into sticks, green onions into a Tupperware for the week

Make ‘seed-bread’ for first time in months; purge all expired ingredients from baking shelf

Make Italian-sausage spaghetti sauce with onions and peppers for dinners this week

Reorganize freezer, so to find veggie spirals for the sauce

Strip sheets and begin laundry

Make salmon & asparagus dinner, quite sub-par to how Brian makes it

Eat it anyway.

Make the bed with clean sheets, touched that Nala is waiting for ‘normal bedtime,’ unaware that it all changes when Brian is away

Run the bath, turn on the star-machine to enjoy the blue-lit ceiling

Read until I fall asleep…

…which will be late…or early...


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