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Day 92: Families...

I have arrived home from Uncle Karl's memorial service (Thursday) and the long-scheduled Hess Family ReUnion 2022 at Maumee Bay State Lodge and Conference Center. It's too soon for much thought-full fodder on the gifts and challenges therein. But my heart is full. A new influx of ancestral awareness and gratitude into my bodysoul...

A rare sighting of the Mark Hess family, all in one place!

The "babies" of the cousin (my) generation

"Coffee with the Uncles" which became The Starbuckers, y'all come, whosoever will!

Artifacts of Princeton Seminary...some older than others

Uncle John, preparing for the Swamp Walk, i.e. seeing our world through a naturalist's eyes, heart and wisdom...

"The cousins"...

Some of the best people I'm blessed to know.

Musings to come, as they arise... My heart is full. My mind is weary. My spirit hopeful.

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