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Sphere on Spiral Stairs


This is a blog begun in the fall of 2020, which charts my assuredly inadequate yet earnest attempts to reconsider citizenship today in a fragile and imploding United States of America. What will be required of each of us to integrate our history(ies) and mature into a robust, viable democracy-republic? Is it even possible anymore to hold generously, rigorously, our We the People? I want to say yes...with circle-way wisdom...and I am willing to listen, learn, work for the Universe to prove me right...

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The birthing space of a new writing project--a full professor in a freestanding Protestant seminary re-entering the Creeds of the Christian tradition as the consciously feminine woman she is now. Subverting and integrating the historical shackles of a patriarchal religious tradition, this She invites for all a more holistic, healing, and fiercely visionary way of being fully human and fully divine, here and now...the wisdom of the feminine in all human beings.


Enacting Martin Luther King's Beloved Community cohort, Mentor Rev. Dr. C. Anthony Hunt. I serve as faculty consultant for Doctor of Ministry students researching and implementing Beloved Community work in the world today.


A collaborative exploration of Christian leadership formation in capstone-pilgrimage immersions, critical reflection, and deepening listening toward strengthened conviction and capacity to honor It's more complicated than we know. CLAL & United Theological Seminary. Paper presentation forthcoming, AAR November 2022.

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The teaching-learning of leadership in the Conscious Feminine, her restorative dance with a deepening-expressive Conscious Masculine, coming into one within the archetype of Circle, all of us yearning and learning toward a trustworthy, painful, and promising awakening into more sustainable Lives on our Earth...TOGETHER...

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Periodic reflections and amusements on the journey into "late onset athletics" & nutrition re-education through CrossFit--a circle-esque community built around fitness, health, and fun. Yes, fitness can be fun when turning fifty, releasing shame and fear, developing a healthy relationship to food, loving movement in the body, receiving the strength of others while offering my own in turn...


This blog is about tending life in all its forms, its earliest planted seeds to the majestic oak-trees hidden deep within them. To write is to love more deeply...

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