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Circle-Way Communities

Circle-way describes an ancient but newly-remembering way of gathering 

for many human beings hungry for change in the world.

The two lineages honored here have been the Circle Way, birthed for today's worlds by Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea, AND Women Writing for (a) Change, a non-traditional writing school founded by Mary Pierce Brosmer, whose vision is to bring the Feminine more fully to expression in the world today. WWfaC, a mother-school in Cincinnati and her affiliates around the country, celebrates the individual voice in practices of community.

Quanita Roberson and Tenneson Woolf, @ QT Wisdom & Fire & Water Leadership Initiation elders have association/familiarity with both lineages. They have modeled and mentored me into an expansive, open-space technology way of gathering I am learning to trust as it emerges in my own work with others.

The entire Circle-Way journey has led me into my own umbrella space(s), Restorative Wisdom, a fledgling and integrative community shaped by all who have come before us. 

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